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Posted in ColdFusion, Rants by rip747 on July 7, 2006

I’m back blogging since my departure a year ago. Since I’ve been offline a lot has happened in the community.

I see that Model-Glue has taken off and is now the leader in frameworks for CF development, surpassing even FuseBox (thank the lord).

BlueDragon has gained tremendous ground as an alternative CFML engine. I wouldn’t be surprised if BD soon surpasses Adobe in sales for CFML and takes over as the leading CFML engine. People will say that I’m on dope for saying something like that, but by reading Vince’s blog and looking at the road that BD is heading, it looks like BD is concentrating on what the community really wants as opposed to Adobe which is just adding more and more useless features.

Duck-typing is now the talk of the town. We can thank our wonderful community leaders for letting this ignorant idea out of the bag. No offense guys (well take offense, I care less), but why in the world did you even mention the supposed performance benefits. I still don’t believe it, and that’s because no one has posted any solid proof of it and I could bet no one will.

Some things I guess will never change.

I’m still reading blog posts about which is better to use: SELECT * or SELECT [columnlist]. Guys, there is no difference between the two, get over it already.

I’ll be posting more things soon, but that’s all for now.


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  1. charlie arehart said, on July 11, 2006 at 8:43 pm

    Hey, neither this post nor the about page (currently) identified who the author here is. I’m sure many would appreciate knowing who the newest rabble-rouser is. 🙂

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