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<CFWSOP> Update: Dad going to Day 2!

Posted in WSOP by rip747 on July 29, 2006

This is suppose to be a CF blog, but anywho. Quoted directly from my brother:

Just wanted you all to know that Dad made it to Day 2! His chip count at the end of today was $12,275. While he had a lot more chips during the day, towards the end he wasn’t getting any hands. None the less, he played very well and didn’t go chasing hands.

He played from 12pm until 3:30am. We’re both tired as hell, so if any of you call earlier then 12pm our times, which is 3pm your time, I’m going to kick some ass when I get home 🙂

He plays again on Tuesday at 12 noon. You can go to and the chip counts will be displayed for the day.

Anyway, I’ll keep you all updated. Please be sure to forward this email to Louie and Mike L. I don’t have their email addresses on hand. Also, someone please call my mom and tell her.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


PS: I love you Laura.
PPS: Tony, kick the dogs for me 🙂

Awesome, totally awesome. I know my dad is going to increase his chip stack on Day 2. During day 1, he was down to $2K and started to play reckless like he normally does and got backup to $30K. The thing that pisses me off is that PokerStars still isn’t tracking his progress. This means have to wait until I talk to my brother, or he emails me until I get updates.


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  1. Stephen Cassady said, on July 29, 2006 at 5:18 pm

    Please remove your feed from Fullasagoog or learn how to separate your feeds. It’s a technical feed, and I don’t care one iota about your dad or your family. The fact that you even start it with “This is suppose to be a CF blog, but anywho” shows a complete disregard for the feed. Show some respect please.

  2. rip747 said, on July 29, 2006 at 6:59 pm

    You know, after your comment Steve and actually thinking about it, you’re right. I fall on my sword. I submitted a new url to the goog administrator so that his feed will only pull the CF posts.

  3. charlie griefer said, on August 1, 2006 at 12:05 pm

    i’m still curious as to where on fullasagoog it states that it’s for technical feeds only. if it did, then yeah, maybe the post would be somewhat of a “disregard for the feed”. but since it doesn’t state that, I think the only disrepect being shown is from somebody who thinks he has the right to dictate what does or does not get published.

    don’t like what’s on tv? don’t watch. don’t want to read about Tony’s dad? don’t click a link that says ” Update: Dad going to Day 2!”. easy enough for most.

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