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Andy Jarrett Friday tribute

Posted in ColdFusion, Jokes by rip747 on October 20, 2006

The best part of my day on Friday is reading Andy Jarrett’s blog for his Friday joke. They’re always funny and a great way to spill the coffee on your keyboard. With that said, here is my tribute to Andy and contribution to the Friday joke, keep it up Andy:

Two campers are in the woods sitting by the fire when a HUGE grizzly bear slowly enters their campsite. The one camper is frozen with fear while the other camly reaches for his sneakers and begins to put them on. The scaried camper saids to his freind, “Dude what are you doing? You’re never going to out run that bear.” The friend responses, “I’m not going to out run the bear, I’m going to out run you.”


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  1. Andy Jarrett said, on October 25, 2006 at 7:31 am

    LOL, love it! Cheers for the mention and glad you like the jokes, and don’t worry i’ll keep them coming :o)

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