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Are CFX tags really needed?

Posted in ColdFusion by rip747 on October 30, 2006

Ben Forta blogged recently about a text to XHTML converter called CFX_Markdown (NOTE: It’s always wise to have some sort of DEMO page for a web extension.).

What really struck me was that this project is written as a CFX Java tag. When I first read this, I said, “WTF!!! Who writes CFX tags anymore?”. I guess this guy answered that question, now on to the original.

With the advent of CFC in CFMX6.0, is there really a need to be writing extension to CF with CFX tags? Personally I don’t see the benefit. The main problem with CFX tags is that they need to be installed within CF administrator. This is sometimes impossible on a shared host as most shared hosts will not install them for fear that they aren’t thread safe and will cause the server to crash. Why couldn’t something like this be written with CFCs and then have a custom tag wrapper? I often wondered why extension like the Alagad Image Component never took this route. For most people it a lot easier to write using CF tags then method calls.


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  1. Seb Duggan said, on February 6, 2007 at 9:11 am

    Hi Rip,

    Just found your blog entry from my log files…

    I agree totally with your comments about using CFX rather than a CFC. There are two reasons this was written as a CFX:

    1. It was basically written for myself, since I wanted the functionality – and I have full access to my CF Administrator. Having written it, I thought I’d release it so it could be of use to others – although I know not everyone can use CFXs.

    2. It was built on top of an existing Java port of Markdown – MarkdownJ. Markdown is a quite complex language to write the parser for, so I saved a lot of time and built on top of someone else’s work.

    If I have the time, I may rewrite the code as a pure CFC. But I thought I’d let you know why I chose CFX for this project…

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