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Digg should have a jobs section

Posted in Rants by rip747 on January 20, 2007

With the popularity of Digg these days, I’m surprised that the site doesn’t have a job category.

Many people will contest that Digg is suppose to be just for news and not a, but I can see this becoming a source of revenue for Digg in it’s struggle to find a business model to pull in revenue. Currently the only known source of revenue for Digg is Google Adsense.

Advertisements are great and all, especially with the amount of unique visitor a day that Digg gets, but you need to look at who those people are as well. It’s long been known that the biggest portion of people visiting Digg are savvy people in the technology field like network administrators and programmers. I can bet that most of these people use FireFox as their browser and have the Adblock extension installed to block advertisements from displaying and speed up web surfing. If the advertisements aren’t being displayed, then there isn’t a chance to click on them, thus Digg earns nothing from these visitors.

This is also a big complaint from other websites on the internet when then make it to the Digg homepage. They see a great surge in traffic for the days, but very little increase in click ratio on their advertisements. I’m not saying that they don’t make more money from the traffic but the ratio of visitors to people that actually click on the advertisements is low. Again this has to do with the kind of people that are getting sent to the site.

Let’s go back to the original idea of Digg having a jobs sections and using it as a source of revenue. How many people reading this subscribe to some sort of RSS feed and are in a career field? I know I am, I subscribe to both a ColdFusion feed (FullAsAGoog) and the Digg Technology RSS feed. With the CF feed I get all the latest news about the happenings in the ColdFusion community, this include several postings about job offers and contract work. With the Digg feed all I get is news.

With me being a programmer and network administrator, I’m constantly looking for the next great job offer or side work to make some extra money. so when I see a job posting on the CF RSS feed, you can bet your life I’m clicking that link and looking at the post. Imagine if Digg did this sort thing.

Digg could charge headhunters to list their job listings on the feed for a specific amount and guarantee them a spot on the homepage if they wanted to. This type of advertisement could be very crucial to a headhunter, especially if they could target a certain audience like the technology people.


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