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Digg taken offline.

Posted in Rants by rip747 on April 30, 2007

At the time of this post (10:30 PM EST), it seems that Digg has been taken offline. Early there was a post about a certain key that you could use to circumvent HDDVD DRM. It was said that most sites that posted the key were taken down with force. Could Digg have taken itself down while it scrubs it’s database removing any record of the post?

UPDATE: The post is still on the technology homepage and is now at 3765 diggs

UPDATE: Seems that Digg might have gotten a taste of it’s own medicine.

UPDATE: Apparently Digg has taken the post down. Last I checked before crashing last night it was somewhere near 15,000 digg.


BASH Friday!

Posted in Jokes by rip747 on April 27, 2007

WARNING: Adult content and juvenile behavior will follow the links below. Do not click any of the links if you are of a sensitive nature.

Stickin’ it to Verizon

Posted in Rants by rip747 on April 26, 2007

Join the petition to fight the unfair patent that Verizon is using to prevent competition in the VOIP market.

For current Verizon customers like myself: Make sure to call them and find out when your contract is expiring. Tell them that once your contract is up, you’ll be switching carriers because of their unfair business practices. I hear MetroPCS or Cingular is good.

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GH2 – my new obession

Posted in Games by rip747 on April 25, 2007

I played this Guitar Hero 2 over the weekend at my friend’s house and I have to say that the preconceptions I had about the game were instantly squashed. Having played guitar in the past I though that a game like this would so juvenile. After playing for 5 minutes I realized how addicting this game was. I consider the addiction level in line with crack (not that I’ve ever done crack, so don’t think I have) and it has quickly become as obsession of mine to play as often as I can. I just find that after years of not picking up a guitar my fingers were still nimble enough so start hitting the buttons correctly and I even managed to score higher than my friend in the game the very first time playing.

So with that I have need to hone my skills. Perhaps one day I’ll be as good as this little brat:

BASH Friday!!!

Posted in BASH!, Jokes by rip747 on April 20, 2007

Countdown to SmithProject release

Posted in ColdFusion by rip747 on April 19, 2007

It seems the wait for Smith’s release could be over in a couple of days as the following posts suggest:

I personally am on pins and needles waiting for the release. I really want to dive in and look at the code to see how this all gets put together.

Congratulations to Charles and Laura

Posted in Family Happenings by rip747 on April 15, 2007

Well it’s all over…. my brother is now a married man and is enjoying the wonders of marriage. Good luck to them both (she’s going to need it). We’re all tired from the festivities this weekend. I need to go to sleep.

Stay tuned…

Posted in ColdFusion by rip747 on April 15, 2007

BASH Friday

Posted in BASH!, Jokes by rip747 on April 13, 2007

I’m Getting Married!!!

Posted in Family Happenings by rip747 on April 12, 2007

UPDATE: picture of the happy bride and unlucky groom 🙂 Bout figging time he married her.

bride and groom

Hi, this is Tony’s brother Charles and I wanted to tell everyone that Tony will be unavailable on Friday and Saturday because I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! I know, death will warm me over, but I’m excited as hell and my future wife is hot! So, say some prayers for the brother of one of the world’s best Cold Fusion Programmers. (Tony, don’t get pissed I posted on your Blog, but I thought I would announce this for you since you are slow in updating it :-P)