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GH2 – my new obession

Posted in Games by rip747 on April 25, 2007

I played this Guitar Hero 2 over the weekend at my friend’s house and I have to say that the preconceptions I had about the game were instantly squashed. Having played guitar in the past I though that a game like this would so juvenile. After playing for 5 minutes I realized how addicting this game was. I consider the addiction level in line with crack (not that I’ve ever done crack, so don’t think I have) and it has quickly become as obsession of mine to play as often as I can. I just find that after years of not picking up a guitar my fingers were still nimble enough so start hitting the buttons correctly and I even managed to score higher than my friend in the game the very first time playing.

So with that I have need to hone my skills. Perhaps one day I’ll be as good as this little brat:


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  1. Justin Carter said, on April 26, 2007 at 12:32 am

    Guitar Hero II is my new obsession as well 😉 I just got it a few days ago for my b’day and I’m totally hooked, and similarly surprised that my hammer-on’s and pull-off’s have survived almost intact after a few years of only playing my guitar(s) on the odd occassion.

    Coincidentally I was glued to YouTube last night looking at GH2 vids (check out the guy – read: poser – doing YYZ on Expert, and the dude playing Jordan with a killswitch in his modded controller!), and I was just showing someone this kid doing Psychobilly Freakout only minutes ago 🙂

    I just need to 5-star 4 more songs on Medium before I move up to Hard difficulty… Then 5-star those… Then… Yes, it really is addictive. But it rocks! \m/

  2. andy matthews said, on April 27, 2007 at 7:34 am

    That’s pretty freaking awesome. I saw a guy playing it in a local Best Buy and it was mesmerizing.

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