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BASH Fridays will return!

Posted in BASH!, Rants by rip747 on May 14, 2007

Since my post last Friday, I’ve actually had quite a few people email me personally and tell me that they wanted to be CCed on any BASH emails I would send my brother. I really didn’t want to since most people are offended by my whacked out sense of humor and the humor that is BASH.

People have been quick to point out that this type of humor could hurt me professionally since employers and potential clients regularly visit blogs of people they want to hire to get a personal insight on the person.

I’ve decided after much soul searching that I’m taking the advice of my brother and numerous others that have emailed me: This is my blog, my world, my thoughts and if you don’t like them, then leave. I’m not going to hesitate to post a link or say something because it might offend someone somewhere. Frankly, I shouldn’t care what people think and I’m not going to. If someone doesn’t want to hire me because of a link like this, then the hell with them because frankly I wouldn’t get along with someone like that anyway.

So BASH Fridays are back for good. And to mark this occasion of my testicles dropping, I’ve decided I’m going to stroll through the archives and new posts of BASH and look for the most offensive sickest crap out there (just what my brother loves).

So be forewarned that if you get offended by what people say and / or have no sense of humor, don’t read the BASH posts!


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