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ICEGen: what’s the status?

Posted in ColdFusion, ICEGen by rip747 on June 2, 2007

I’ve been trying to get the time in the last couple of weeks to work on ICEGen. Sorry to say though that work both regular and side have been very busy.  Hopefully I’ll finish what I need to do this week and be back on track by June 11th.

My first order of business is to get some documentation online via the wiki that RIAForge provides. Along with explaining what ICEGen is and how to run it, I want to give some really world example of it’s use.

After that I would like to create some screen casts that I can throw onto YouTube so I can show it in action. The only thing is that I don’t know what to use to create the screen casts, so any suggestions on software would be great. Free and open source are the best options, but I have no problems paying for something if it’s good.

After the documentation and screen casts I need to start concentrating on getting some other database support built in, especially Oracle since more than one person has emailed me about it. If anyone is willing to help me test other databases, please leave a comment below. I don’t have or know Oracle or MySQL and those are the first ones I want to concentrate on.

I’m very happy with the path it’s taken. I’m currently using it in a project I’m working on right now and I have to say that it has saved me a lot of time and thinking. The kewlest feature has to be the before and after methods for CRUD operations. It’s really nice to be able to use them like triggers and perform referential integrity with them.

If you haven’t given ICEGen a test drive, I don’t blame anyone since there is almost no documentation online, but it should be pretty easy to use. I you have used it, please leave some sort of comment below telling me what you think it needs.


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