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ICEGen: RC2 – going Gold baby!!!!!

Posted in ColdFusion, ICEGen by rip747 on August 1, 2007

There is a problem will the zip file on RIAForge. I will reupload RC2 tonight at 6pm EST. If you want to get the RC2 code to play with, download the SVN zip by clicking here.

ICEGen has just been updated to RC2. I think I was a little premature in releasing RC1 as I had to add two more features that I thought would really make this thing shine.

First off I’ve added two more nodes to the __Customization__.xml file for columns. They are validateas and unique.

Validatead – allows you to valid a column against any validation that IsValid() does. So you can take a varchar field and have ICEGen make sure that only an email is being passed into it or a UUID and more.

Unique – Acts just like a unique constraint. You can tell ICEGen to make sure that only unique values are entered within a certain column. An example would be making sure that everyone picks a unique username.

I also added the ability to pass a structure of messages to the validate() that you would like ICEGen to use in place of just an empty string. This will should help in internationalization in your project.

I’m going to be writing tutorials everyday this week so be sure to check out the ICEGen category on this blog. I will be updating PART 4 of the tutorial to reflect the new changes tomorrow since I’m pretty burnt out (tired, not high) right now.


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