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ICEGen: Apologies, composite keys and count

Posted in ColdFusion, ICEGen by rip747 on August 6, 2007

First off, I know I have written any tutorials in the past couple of days. Life gets in the way a lot with what I want to code and write. I’m working my ass off trying to get everything out of the way so I can start writing tutorials again by this weekend.

I recently got an email asking me if ICEGen supported using composite keys. I’ve failed to mentioned in all the past posts that ICEGen has supported composite keys from day one. I originally wrote ICEGen as a code generator for myself and I’ve needed that support right off the bat.

Lastly, I actually went and updated ICEGen once again, though I’m still keeping it at RC2. This updated added support for count(). Basically I was sitting there today trying to get the number of records in the table and using the list() function to grab the records and then using RecordCount to get the number. After kicking myself in the face, I got off my lazy ass and realized that I never implemented a way to just get the number of record from a table. So count() was written today.

If you haven’t checked out ICEGen yet. I suggest you read the past tutorials and give it a whirl. It’s pretty straight forward and really easy to use. If you are using it, tell me what you like and hate about it. I’m always looking for suggestions.


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