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My tips for keeping weight off.

Posted in Rants by rip747 on September 23, 2007

Bottom line, I was a fat bastard. At one point about 5 years ago, I weighed in at a staggering 210 lbs! Now I know that some will say that that isn’t heavy, but when you’re only 5″3′, yeah… it shows

You’ve all heard me say that I lost all the weight doing yoga on numerous blog posts, but the fact that I’ve kept the weight off for the last 5 years is a very big accomplishment for me. Really the only thing I need to do is to get my yoga body back and I’ll be set.

So the real question is, how the hell have I not put back on the 60 lbs I lost over the last 5 years? Well, here are my tips to losing weight and keeping it off. They aren’t ground breaking or anything like that and I’m sure you’re heard them before, but here they are none the less.

1) Eat smaller meals.

There was a time when I would eat 6 slices of pizza in a sitting. Today I can hardly put down 2 without yooking. Basically what I did was shrink my stomach. The easy way to do this to eat smaller portions and eat them often, at first, so you don’t feel the urge to over eat. A great way to do this is to cut your meals in half. Instead of two scoops of mashed potatoes, eat one. Instead of 4 slices of pizza eat two. The biggest hurdle that most people have though is when they go out to eat. They feel that they need to eat everything on there plate. Hey, I know this feeling, I still have it. But there is a way to satisfy that mental block and still eat less. The trick is to get a to-go container at the beginning of your meal or when your meal comes to the table. Just take half of your meal and place it in the to-go container. Then put the container in the bag and place it under the table, out of sight, out of mind. Best part is, you have lunch for the next day!

2) Eat slowly.

A chef friend of mine once told me, “Dude, enjoy your food.” Why we all feel that we need to wolf down our meals is beyond me, but 75% of the population doesn’t it. A great way to slow down your eating to strike up a conversation; be social with the other people at the table. During the conversation, make sure you’re not talking with food in your mouth and put down your fork and knife. Give yourself these little breaks to allow the food that you’ve been ingesting time to digest. Because you’re doing this, you’ll feel fuller faster and on less food!

3) Drink while eating

Ever get full from just drinking water or soda? I’m sure you have. Basically by putting liquids into your body during your meal, you’ll eat less since the liquids and the food will fill you stomach faster. Also make sure that the liquid you’re drinking is either water, or diet something. There’s no sense in replacing the food calories with calories from soda or alcohol. I usually have my famous drink: cranberry and club soda. A very refreshing and low calorie drink. And on that point:

4) Cut out the non-diet soda and alcohol

Learn to like water. Why in the world would you want to drink a coke that has almost 200 calories in a single 16 oz can, when 16 ounces of water has no calories. If you really are a soda drinker, drink the diet stuff so you can still enjoy the soda but eliminate the calories. I know that a lot of people hate the taste of diet soda, so luckily today there are other substitutes for your favorites drink: coke has coke zero you know. Cranberry and club soda (or any fruit juice with club soda) is a great substitute for an alcoholic beverage. Not only doesn’t taste great, but everyone at the party will think your drinking a mixed drink like vodka and cranberry!

Now this doesn’t mean I’m one of those people who doesn’t drink (LORD knows I can put them down when I want), but I’m not the kind of person that drinks everyday. Usually I drink about 4 times month, if that. Yeah I like to have a couple of cocktails when I go out, it just means I don’t come home from work and start hitting the sauce. Also, one last thing about the cranberry and club soda: it’s an excellent way to get sober or prevent yourself from getting drunk. Just have one cranberry and club soda for every drink you have and it will prevent you from getting dehydrated. Not to mention that the cranberry juice make you piss like a race horse, so the alcohol doesn’t linger in your body.

5) Avoid the dairy

Nothing has more fat per serving then diary products. I’m not talking about yogurt and cottage cheese, I’m talking regular cheese, sour cream, creams and what not. Sure a lot of them have the non-fat and low fat version, but less face it, they taste like shit. So why even bother to eat something that will taste like shit, just avoid it all together. Trust me on this, your heart will thank you.

6) Put your napkin on you plate when you feel you’ve had enough.

This sound dumb as hell, but works for me. I don’t know how people can take a rolled up napkin and put it on there plate and continue to eat off it; it grosses me out. Whenever I feel slightly full, I throw my napkin over my plate. The thinking is, I’m not going to pick my napkin up and start eating again, no way in hell. By doing this, I basically stop eating all together and it tells my mind that I’m done eating.

Like I said, they’re not the latest breaking secrets in the world of trying to eat less and I’m sure you’ve heard them before. But how many of you actually do any of the things mentioned above. I could bet not many.

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  1. Ben Nadel said, on September 24, 2007 at 7:35 am

    Tony, There is something so simple yet brilliant about the whole getting the “to-go” bag at the beginning of the meal and then immediately splitting the food. That’s just damn genius. Similarly, the napkin over the plate thing. I like it and it’s so right on. So much of it just a psychological thing – I’m not actually hungry to eat all my fries – they are just there on the plate and I want them. But, as you say, out of sight out of mind. Awesome tips.

  2. kola said, on October 4, 2007 at 8:48 am

    Great tips – only thing is I’m one of those people that if the meal is really nice – I’ll take the napkin back off 🙂

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