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TimeZone CFC submitted to RIAForge

Posted in ColdFusion by rip747 on November 14, 2007

Today a friend of mine needed help with pulling dates out a database and converting them to the local time for his clients across the country. I immediately thought of Paul Hastings’ TimeZone CFC. I downloaded it from Paul’s site and started to play with it so I could make sure that it was exactly what my friend needed.

I’m happy to say that Paul did a fantasic job. I was so impressed by it, that I decided to clean up the code and the example page a bit. When I looked on RIAForge to see if I could submit my changes, I noticed it didn’t have a project page there. So I contacted Paul and asked if he wouldn’t mind me submitting the project there. He replied back that I could and I have submitted the project to RIAForge for approval. Once the project is approved I will upload the code there.

I should mention that I only cleaned up the timezone.cfc since I don’t have the ic4j libraries installed to test against.

Thanks Paul once again for for allowing me to upload the project.

Until the approval from RIAForge, you can download the code here.


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