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I’m such a dork

Posted in Jokes, Personal by rip747 on November 27, 2007

Email exchange between me and the co-workers


We will have our Secret Santa and Pot Luck gathering on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 12:00 noon sharp!! The pot luck theme will be Italian, and we’ll need two desserts and four food items. We’ll each be responsible for our own beverage. For our Secret Santa, by 4:00 today, please give me your name on a piece of paper with three suggested gift items keeping in mind the $25.00 limit we discussed.


I’ll bring Meatballs.


I’ll make chicken parm.


Ill do fettuccini alfredo!


I’ll do dessert and bring regular and diet soda.


we were all going to handle our own beverage. what kind of dessert and dish so we don’t duplicate each other?


I can bring soda for everyone if I want… you can’t stop me.



That’s very nice of you…. But I don’t remember an employee named Tiramisu in our department. Who are you?


You’re such a dork.


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