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Ron Paul needs to speak up and out on Youtube

Posted in Ron Paul by rip747 on November 29, 2007

Watching the debate the occurred last night on Youtube all day today, it seemed that Ron Paul and many other candidates got left out in the dark. It seems that CNN was only concerned with the candidates that they are backing and support or are head in their polls.

What I would have loved is to hear each candidates answer to every question asked. How much longer would it take to let each candidate have a change to say his answer, maybe another half hour?

The one thing that is pissing me off is that the candidates aren’t using the internet to answer these questions. Why aren’t the candidates taping their answers to the questions that they didn’t get a chance to answer and posting them to Youtube for all of us to hear and see?

As much as I love Ron Paul, let’s face it, CNN didn’t give him enough questions and the media ignores him. His campaign is very internet savvy; scratch that, his whole campaign has exploded because of the internet and Youtube. So why then is his campaign staff overlooking this very simple strategy?

His supporters want to hear his answers and Youtube is the way. Quit jerking off and get his answers on Youtube.

Go digg this!


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