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Waste the day away Friday!!!

Posted in Games by rip747 on December 28, 2007

Hello Everyone:

Charles here. Tony is still stuck in New Jersey/New York (sucks to be him with the cold). Anyway, I thought today would be a good day to post a link to a cool online Tower Defense game that has managed to suck about 2 days of my life away. If anyone can beat level 37, you are a God!


Tony’s gone…Charles takes over for Bash Friday!!!

Posted in BASH! by rip747 on December 21, 2007

Hello to everyone who reads my brothers blog! Tony took a trip to New York/New Jersey for the holiday and will be returning on Jan. 2. In the meantime, I hacked, um…I mean, he gave me access to his WordPress account. So I, his faithful brother Charles, will be taking over for a while. Hopefully Tony won’t be too pissed 😉

No, I’m not the computer nerd my brother is but yes I can sound techie at times, but please don’t ask for advice while Tony is gone, as I am not responsible for any harm which my come from it. In case you all didn’t know, I work in the mortgage industry (yeah, stop laughing). So, if anyone needs mortgage advice, I can help you with that. But, I’m really just here to tick my older brother (by ten damn minutes! Oh, did he ever tell you we were twins?) off by posting on his blog without his permission. Yup, what are brothers for.

Anyway, Tony didn’t posted Bash Friday last week, so I thought to add some myself.  Bash Friday is the one day of the week I enjoy most. So here we go!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Oldies but goodies…

Approaching 100,000 total views

Posted in Personal, Rants by rip747 on December 16, 2007

A small milestone should be crossed within the next 48 hours: this blog will have it’s 100,000 visitor.

It all started with my first technical article.

Go me!

Who are you voting for and why?

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on December 16, 2007

Haven’t seen any posts around the blogsphere yet that asked this question. Well, allow me to be the first (I think).

Obviously I’m voting for Ron Paul, I think that is pretty clear, but why? Two words: common sense. Here’s the thing. I’m not the smartest guy in world, I know this for a fact and think Ron Paul does too. Thus, I believe this is the reason he look to the Constitution for guidance. I know if I had his job, I would too.

Who is your choice? There is no wrong one as long as you have a reason, whatever reason, and you stand by it. Don’t leave your real name, e-mail address and do not cut down what other’s say.

So who’s is it then?

Tea Party starts tonight at midnight

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on December 15, 2007

So it shall begin….

Kinda scary: Ron Paul leading the country according to Yahoo! with 68%

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on December 15, 2007

I just went over to the Yahoo! election dashboard and was quite surprised. Seems that Ron Paul is taking the country by storm.  Here is the break down on a state by state basis, however I encourage you to go see for yourself. The list is as follows:

state percentge/ranking

Alabama 30/1
Alaska 51/1
Arizona 37/1
Arkansas 24/2
California NA/NA
Colorado 44/1
Connecticut 25/1
Delaware 25/2
District of Columbia 23/2
Florida 4/6
Georgia 36/1
Hawaii 481
Idaho 16/2
Illinois 45/1
Indiana 43/1
Iowa 5/6
Kansas 29/2
Kentucky 39/1
Louisiana 37/1
Maine 38/1
Maryland 43/1
Massachusetts 27/1
Michigan 5/6
Minnesota 47/1
Mississippi 49/1
Missouri 41/1
Montana 67/1
Nebraska 26/1
Nevada 5/6
New Hampshire 7/5
New Jersey na/na
New Mexico 42/1
New York 39/1
North Carolina 38/1
North Dakota 25/2
Ohio 47/1
Oklahoma 36/1
Oregon 36/2
Pennsylvania 43/1
Rhode Island 30/1
South Carolina 6/6
South Dakota 31/1
Tennessee 42/1
Texas 40/1
Utah 9/3
Vermont 33/1
Virginia 36/1
Washington 32/2
West Virginia 53/1
Wisconsin 40/1
Wyoming 70/1

So if the election was tomorrow, Ron Paul would win 34 of the 50 states. Which means the 68% of the country wants him as president.

These number were as of 12/15/2007 at 02:13 am EST

Linked Servers: Performing Select, Insert, Update and Delete (CRUD) actions

Posted in SQL, TechSupport by rip747 on December 14, 2007

You could literally spend hours combing the internet trying to figure out how to do something.

In my last post, I spend 4 hours trying to figure out exactly how to get a linked server working with SQL Server. After I finally getting the server linked so I could perform simple queries against it, I needed to now figure out how I could perform inserts, updates and deletes to it.

Scouring the internet again proved totally a waste of time and I decide to just try to figure it out on my own. Well after another 2 hours, I have figured it out. Here is the syntax to do select, insert, update, and delete (CRUD) actions against a linked server. Remember that your syntax might vary slightly. All queries use the OPENQUERY command.


select * from openquery(‘my_linked_server’, ‘select * from table_schema.table_name’)


insert openquery(‘my_linked_server, ‘select column_1, column2 from table_schema.table_name’)
values (‘my_value1’, ‘my_value2’)


update openquery(‘my_linked_server, ‘select column_1, column_2 from table_schema.table_name where pk = pk_value’)
set column_1 = ‘my_value1’, column_2 = ‘my_value2’

delete from openqueryopenquery(‘my_linked_server, ‘select * from table_schema.table_name where pk = pk_value’)

There you have it, I just saved you 2 hours (can I get mine back).

SQL Server 2000: Linked Oracle Server Errors

Posted in Oracle, SQL, TechSupport by rip747 on December 14, 2007

I HATE ORACLE!!! Why does this always happen to me?

Again, I spent the last 4 hours of my day trying to get something as simple as a linked server in MSSQL 2000 to work. What I was doing was setting up a linked server between MSSQL 2000 and Oracle 9i and ran into a lot of problem. Below is ranting and how I finally solved my problem.

The one thing I can’t stand about setting up a linked server in MSSQL with Oracle is that it’s never the same. Sometime you can get away with using the “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle”, other times you need to use the “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers” and still sometimes you need to use the “Oracle Provider for OLE DB”. In summary you have 3 different providers to choose from depending on nothing but the toss of a hat.

Just to prove my point, I already have a linked server setup on another MSSQL 2000 server using the “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle” provider. On the server I’m setting up, I following the EXACT same configuration and used the same provider and it wouldn’t connect. I’m getting Error 7312 and Error 7399 every time I try to connect and view the tables.

{Error 7399: OLE DB provider ‘MSDAORA’ reported an error. OLEDB error trace [OLE/DB Provider ‘MSDAORA’ IDBInitialize::Initialize returned 0x80004005: ]}

{Server: Msg 7321, Level 16, State 2, Line 1 An error occurred while preparing a query for execution against OLE DB provider ‘OraOLEDB.Oracle’. [OLE/DB provider returned message: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist]
OLE DB error trace [OLE/DB Provider ‘OraOLEDB.Oracle’ ICommandPrepare::Prepare returned 0x80040e14]. }

After playing around for 4 hours, I finally found the right combination to connect and run my queries. Here is what I tried. I will say this, that there is no definitive solution for this. You are going to have to try each suggestion and see which one works for you. I should note that I do all of this inside of Enterprise Manager.

First off, pick one of the following providers and create your linked server:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
Oracle Provider for OLE DB

Now once you have your linked server created, expand the link server and clicked on TABLES to see if you get a list of the tables or if you get the 7399 error. If you get the error, try a different provider until you get the list of tables. When you finally get the listing of tables, remember the value in the “schema” column for that table, it might come into play in the next part.

After you get the list of tables, open up Query Analyzer and try to do a query against the linked server. I have always had to use OPENQUERY to get the query to work. There are two syntaxes that you will have to try:

First try this:

select * from openquery(my_linked_server, ‘select * from table_name’)

If you get the 7321 error try this:

select * from openquery(my_linked_server, ‘select * from schema_value.table_name’)

One of those should work. If anyone else comes up with weird errors or a difference method to connect, leave your suggestion in the comments below.

Why does this question still come up: How Many Classes Per Business Object?

Posted in ColdFusion, Rants by rip747 on December 14, 2007

I get nauseous every time I see this question asked. I wholly believe this question exists only to start infighting amongst the development community and attract the numerous comments to the post that is assured. All the while, the poster sits back with lotion and Kelnex and smiles while the chaos unfolds around them.

I come to classify the commentors to these posts into 3 categories:

First and foremost, you have the OO purists. These are the people that use OO to the extreme. DAO, BO, IOC and any other acronym you can throw out there, they’re using it and loving it. The more abstraction and configuration, the better. They will claim that it makes developing applications faster and easy to maintain and cut down anyone that saids otherwise. If they had it there way, they would have 30 different classes per business object each containing one method. Their mortal enemy is anyone still believing and writing procedural programs.

Our next category and mortal enemy of everything OO; is the procedural programmer. They’re the ones still hanging on to the days when cfincludes and custom tags flourished in applications. Who needs CFCs when a group of functions inside a cfinclude will do just fine. Don’t tell them about design patterns or code organization, they know it all too well. If they could, they would go back in time and kill the person that mentioned cfcomponent in that one board meeting. To them OO is evil and so are the people using it.

The final category is the one that I fall into: the who gives a shit and flying fuck category. Program the way you want to program and quit telling us that we’re doing it right or wrong. We don’t want nor care how you program or the philosophy that you follow. To us, both of the other two categories need to just shut the fuck up altogether.

Ruby on Rails – All I need for the switch

Posted in ColdFusion, Personal, Ruby on Rails by rip747 on December 14, 2007

For a while now I’ve been looking into Ruby on Rails (RoR) to replace ColdFusion (CF) as my primary programming language of choice. There are so many things about the framework that just dazzle me to death. I know I’m comparing a language to a framework here, but to be honest, to most people there really isn’t a difference. Plus the fact that I really haven’t found a CF framework out there that I really like nor one as feature rich as RoR.

For one, I like the idea of convention or configuration (COC). How many times have you taken over an app from someone where you’ve spent days on end trying to figure out what the hell they were doing? If you embrace COC then every app is structured the same so there is no guessing at all. I can also see how COC can speed up development amongst a group of developers since everyone has to follow the same directions.

ActiveRecord (AR) is just sexy beyond belief. I love SQL, don’t get me wrong, but I grow tired of writing the same queries day in and day out (This is why I created ICEGen). Furthermore, I’ve seen some of the SQL that others have written and makes me want to throw up. If AR can help me not write the same boring SQL while preventing others from just writing it altogether, I’m sold. Coupled with the fact that the built in validation methods are just so simple to use, why would you need further convincing?

Plugins and Gems just work. I’ve seen frameworks in ColdFusion claim that you could write or download a plugin, install it and it would just work; yeah, well it doesn’t. Half the time I’m hunting and configuring files all over the place only to expense my efforts in vain. With RoR, just a simple command line and within seconds the plugin and gem are installed and work beautifully. Sure sometimes there is a little configuration to do with them, but at least in the end the plugin works as expected.

I don’t do tests, I just don’t. I’ve tried using CFCUnit and failed since it warped my fragile little mind. Tests in Rails are dead simple. Because of this, you can’t even submit a patch to the RoR team unless you include your tests. This is all done thanks to fixtures.

Those are a few things that I just love about RoR, now let’s see what huge things it’s missing that CF has.

CFDOCUMENT – What CF developer today hasn’t used this tag. There is something just magical about wrapping the tag around your invoice written in HTML and having it pull up a PDF or Flashpaper file in the browser. No need for them to have Acrobat installed so they have to print the page to PDF, it does it all for them and it’s dead simple to use. RoR doesn’t have this. PDF::Writer sucks balls and it’s hard to use. HTMLDOC doesn’t support CSS so it’s impossible to get the page to look good. Plus Flashpaper it’s even an option.

CFIMAGE – Yeah I know we just got this tag, but before you could just download imagecfc which worked just as good in my opinion and you had your image manipulation. RoR has support for ImageMagick which, if you’ve ever used it, is a dog. It’s slow as hell and doesn’t scale worth a shit. I still to this day can’t believe that this library is the defacto amongst the open source world.

As you can see there really isn’t a lot that CF offers that RoR doesn’t already have. Hopefully the RoR team will see these shortcoming and create some plugins that address them soon. For now I’m still learning and loving RoR.