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Time Nuts: Impressive article on time

Posted in Just Geeky by rip747 on December 11, 2007

Time Nuts are people who are obsessed with collecting and using super sensitive clocks to keep track of  time. This is stuff that governments use in doing atomic time.

I had the mindset when clicking on the link to read the story, that this would a stupid article and I could easily make fun. That idea slowly took more of an effect as I read further and found out that the guy profiled in the article (Tom Van Baak) was a retired unix kernel programmer (uber geek). Clearly this was some really geeky shit I was reading about.

Now this is part that really caught my eyes, dropped my jaw and utterly made me take off my shoe, add ketchup and proceed to put my foot in my mouth. Tom wants to prove to his kids that the closer you are to an object, the faster time goes. With that he loads so equipment in his van and heads for the mountains to over 5,000 feet above sea level. After a couple of days he comes home and compares the time that were at home to the ones he brought with him. All and all the clocks were off by 22 nanoseconds. Not a hell of a lot by any means, but that is just astonishing that a experiment like that can be carried out and was proven.

Read the article because it’s pretty damn interesting and geeky!


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