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Go Ron Paul! Time to own up people!

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on January 3, 2008

T-minus 3 hours and counting to the Iowa Caucus. Ron Paul doesn’t just need to place in this, he needs to win. Why?  Because every news media is going to be watching just to see where he places. If he doesn’t win, the media will have a field day with the Ron Paul bashing. It will literally be open season on us.

All the fund raising and grass roots promotion means absolute DICK if he doesn’t win.

If you live in Iowa and are a Ron Paul supporter, you better make sure your ass is at your district’s caucus!

Go Ron Paul!!!!


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  1. underdog said, on January 3, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    All the fund raising and grass roots promotion means absolute DICK if he doesn’t win.

    Oh but sure it does. He can aford lots of nice things, and write books to make more money off the poor fools in his church of libertarinsims .. isms…

    not that it will matter. because all of the socalled faithful have the attention span of a geek who has played the same video game 100 times.

    they will simply find someone else to fall in love with in their “second life”

  2. Liberals For Ron Paul said, on January 3, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    I want to see a great result tonight but I disagree that he needs to win. I think a strong 3rd place finish would be enough to get the MSM’s attention. You have to understand how much they’ve undersold him. I mean for example I was just at and they were talking about the “race for 3rd” between Thompson, Giuliani, and McCain! They didn’t even mention Ron Paul even though the latest Zogby poll shows him in a tie for 3rd with thompson and mccain (with Giuliani well behind.)

  3. rhys said, on January 3, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    I agree. I am from the old-school. Win big, and win often. There is no reason to set the bar low. It is imperative that anyone who can affet this race comes to battle in this political caucus. I want to know that Paul supporters count. I will vote for him regardless, but it is imperative that he do exceedingly well.

    I compare it to sports, if you can’t start the gme as the winner, you likely won’t finish the game as a winner. We must prove dominance from the beginning. There is no need to come from behind. I want a complete route. I want everyone to think that there is no option except Paul come Feb 5. This could go a long way. This is worth more tha 6 million dollars. You think it would be great to raise 10 miilion for Paul, let him win Iowa, and you will have more than 10 Million worth of advertising.

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