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Show opensource some love this Valentine’s Day

Posted in Donating, Opensource, Valentine's Day by rip747 on January 7, 2008

I love open source, love it. I’m one of those guys that hunts around for an open source alternative to every piece of software out there. I can’t stand paying ridiculous prices for software when a better alternative is available for free.

Let me give some examples:

During my job I’m required sometime to edit images, nothing too crazy, just resizing and cropping mostly. Now my employer could shovel out the money and buy me Photoshop, but to me that seems a waste. I’m not a designer and never will be so Photoshop is over kill for me. So for editing photos I use Paint.Net, a free open source alternative. Now grant it, it doesn’t replace Photoshop if you’re a high end graphics guy, but for people like me, it works great.

My job is to program and build websites. My programming language of choice is ColdFusion. Now if you do websites for a living you no doubt have heard of DreamWaver. Now granted DreamWaver isn’t that bad for WYSIWYGing a website, but for programming in ColdFusion, it’s a nightmare. Adobe obviously want you to use it, but I choose not to, instead I use CFEclipse. CFEclipse is a free opensource plugin for Eclipse that does everything I need it to do. Not only that, but I feel it’s more stable then DreamWaver and plus since it’s build on top of Eclipse, there are a ton of plugins for it. If you’re a programmer, you need to check out Eclipse. If you’re a ColdFusion programmer, drop DreamWaver and go with CFEclipse.

OK, enough fluff and on to the purpose of this post.

Valentine’s Day is coming real soon. To celebrate it, let’s show our support to all the opensource project we love so much and make it a donation day.

I’m sure they are a ton of people using the projects I mentioned above and other project to do their work and make a living. I’m also sure that at one time, you probably thought about making a donation and probably forgot to. Well nows the time do it.

On Valentine’s Day, go to the project’s websites and make a donation to show your appreciation for all the contributors hard work ( it doesn’t have to be a lot, really anything is appreciated).

Pass the idea a long.


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