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The Florida debates were a joke.

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on January 25, 2008

I’m completely pissed off after watching last nights debates and listening to the radio on the way into work this morning.

The debates last night were a joke to me. Seems like the only real reason Ron Paul was there was so the other candidates could ignore him and the news media could give the illusion that he is insignificant in this election. Dr. Paul got asked a grand total of 3 questions last night and if you were really paying attention, one of those question was if he would run as a Libertarian if he didn’t win the Republican vote, a question he has been asked numerous times before.

On to the radio today, I was listening to 610 WIOD in Miami. As they were going over last nights debate the news anchor said, “If you want to hear more from the four candidates…” Ahhhh, WTF lady? Last I checked Paul was still in this race which would make the count five!

I’m getting to the point where I’m losing faith in this country. We’re now seeing first hand how the media can sway and manipulate the news to their viewpoint rather than being bias and just reporting, being fair and balanced so to speak. It seems to me that, yes, the media is being either paid off or threatened by someone behind the scenes to keep Ron Paul suppressed.

I whole heartily believe that if Ron Paul doesn’t become our leader, this country will go bankrupt. We are going into a recession, our dollar is worthless, we are fighting a pointless and costly war; in four years from now it will all be happening only worst and by then it will too late to bail ourselves out. In four years, America, will be bankrupt.


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