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So I’ve been sitting here.

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on January 26, 2008

Seemingly in the same spot, on my old couch.
It’s got an ass-groove permanently indented in it. Every single night I come home, plug in my laptop and the VERY first site I visit is here. Every single night, it’s the SAME scenario. I digress.

Since May 16th of 2007, when I saw my very first Ron Paul debate Video, and subsequently ‘skipped’ working for the day and fervently scoured youtube for more of this amazing person, I now find myself in disarray.

At times, I am an amazing supporter of this man. I give and give and give, until finally time takes it’s toll on me. At times, I feel weak. I feel less than inspired anymore.

I have signed up to do my job as a delegate, as a meetup organizer, you name it. I have done more for this campaign in the last 7 months than I have ever given towards anything in my life. And that is the truth. Anything……

When people ask me about WHY I support Ron Paul, my watered down answer has now become nothing more than the unadulterated truth in it’s purest form.

“Ron Paul has cured my apathy”

Everyone here knows exactly what I’m saying. It’s what binds us together as people from every single possible walk of life. In public, we are very different people. If we put us all in a single room, we would divide within 10 minutes because of our social differences. But if asked what we believe in politically, we would stand arm to arm, hand in hand, in a bond that is unbreakable.

The largest standing armies of the world could not diffuse how we feel.
They could not stifle the energy we have all learned and accepted to embrace, with a fervor that I cannot describe.

I try, daily almost, to regain that ‘feeling’. We all know ‘that’ feeling.
When we first realized Ron Paul represented something we have all lost total faith in. Honesty. Integrity. A real man, with real values.

Since that day in May of 2007, I have become SO upset.
I have learned A LOT. About myself, and about Ron Paul.
About my fellow Freedom Fighters and about this country and politics.

I have also failed miserably at times to be a ‘good’ RP supporter.
I am mean sometimes to my fellow patriots. I am quick to judge those who voice their opinions here, and that’s wrong. I’ve always known it was, and it’s always haunted my personal life, but it is what it is.

All that being said, I was very disappointed recenltly.
I’ve put SO much work into this Revolution. So much.

And after watching Iowa and then subsequently New Hampshire, I was ready to quit. I didn’t know if I could put forth THIS much effort into something I feel SO strongly about, and watch it fail. I honestly am worried I’ll slip into depression.

At times I find myself questioning if ‘it’s all worth it’.
Other times I’m more motivated than ever. I honestly think what keeps me going is the ‘trolls’ and watching the debates. The fact that some of my friends were democrats, and are now supporting RP keeps me alive inside.

I am not a very social person. I like to ‘live’ in my comfort zone.
I have a group of friends that I’ve VERY close to; and I really believe it’s because I’m afraid to branch out. I trust these people, and their opinions mean everything to me.

Since May, I have converted all of those friends (6 total) minus one (a staunch Democrat) to support Ron Paul. They don’t all do what I do, but they all now see how the MSM slanders him, and it only sows the seeds of their anger. They see what Fox does to him, and they are awakening. It is watching this, in action, that keeps me going. I see people I care about, finally seeing what I’ve been seeing since May. They are angry and upset about the Fox debates, and the exclusions. They see what is really going on…..that our media runs our lives.

Not everyone is converted, though. And I can’t change my world alone.
I am learning to let some people go and just realize that you can’t change everything and everyone.

So what does all this mean??

The grassroots has accomplished AMAZING things since I’ve joined.
From the SPAM Spartanburg project to the Tea Party, at times I’ve been so inspired, I’ve wanted to run myself for public office. It’s truly been life changing.

But since Iowa, I feel that people are sharing my initial fears.
That we can’t win. The mountain is too big to overcome.

I myself am FULLY to blame for buying this line as well.
I’m not perfect….not even close.

There are 2 things I believe we need to do as ‘average’ citizens who WANT some real change.

1. Get Ron Paul what he needs.
When I watch Ron in the debates, my heart truly goes out to him.
I feel like “here’s a man, who has been ridiculed daily for more than 30 years of his life.” He truly CARES about THIS country. Not about a job, or the money, or how he can get rich of the position, but about America. A TRUE PATRIOT.

When Fox slams him by calling him ‘unelectable’, as they did last night, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him stand up there, amidst all that bullshit, and all the slander, and look America straight in the face and tell us all the truth.

I cannot tell you how much I wish I could walk up behind him, when he’s asked “Are you electable”, or “Are you a Republican”, or “Are you running for the wrong party”, and quietly put my hand on his shoulder, and let him know “I’m here with you Ron”. You are NOT doing this ALONE anymore. We have AWAKEN.

I feel like I owe this man SO much, I don’t know if I can ever repay him.
For YEARS he has put up with this abuse.

So I ask you this…..

Even if you believe (or don’t believe) that the HQ isn’t capable of handling this thing in the conventional manner, and hasn’t spent the money on these slick Campaign Managers, do we NOT OWE IT TO HIM for all he has done for us over his lifetime??

So…what the fuck are you saying BLS?

Get him his $23 Million. It’s not about Paul….it’s NEVER been about Ron Paul.
It’s about what he needs to stand up and FIGHT for us.

What does it require? EVERYONE to donate their max.
Fine….whatever….I know times are tough.

I also know I just spent $400 on a stereo and speakers for my car.
And as I’m sitting there, i’m thinking….”I’m willing to spend $400 for a stereo for my car, but can’t seem to find a way inside to donate money to a man who fights for me everyday; and this man doesn’t even know me.”

Let’s get Ron the money he needs….

The money he needs to STAND UP to these SON OF A BITCHES.
The money he needs to keep the good fight up.

The money he needs to spread to ALL Americans…..that feeling.

That feeling that when you FINALLY understand what he’s saying, and that he’s true, honest and trustworthy, you also found a way to cure your apathy.

Let’s spread that feeling to every American.

sign up…..

Stop fighting inside yourself on whether you should get involved any further.
Just do it.

I am asking EVERY single member here to beg, borrow or loan yourself all the money you need to max out to this campaign.

You can give $2300 legally (Thanks to John McCain).

Find a way to do it.

Look at your son. Look at your daughter.
Maybe look at your Dad or your Mom, and ask yourself:

Am I OK watching my neocon Dad spend his retirement poor, because our Government does not care?

Am I OK leaving my kids a debt SO insurmountable that I know they will live in a possible life-long recession or even depression?

do whatever it takes.

Inside, you will find that you agree with me completely.
Take that energy. INVEST IT in Freedom.

I will have to borrow about $400 to max out.
I’m a very fisfcally conservative person…..but this time…I don’t care.

This WILL get done. It HAS to.


Thanks for hearing me out.

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I didn’t write this, but found it very inspirational. Digg would not let me link to the forums, so I had no choice but put it on my blog
. BLS’ profile can be found at

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