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Oh… so now the media is unfair.

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on January 31, 2008

It’s just funny how quickly people start to bitch once they’re not part of the spotlight or “in-crowd” anymore.

Last night’s debate was really a debate put on to try to sell McCain even more (which they didn’t do). Personally I would rather vote for a Democrat then Insane… I mean McCain. If you watched though you saw how the media basically ignored Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee for the most point.

Low and behold though, I’m reading an article on CCN on how Mike Fuckame… I mean Huckabee is all upset because he felt cheated out of time in the debate and how he didn’t get a chance to push his points. Whoa, whoa… Hey Mike, how the fuck does it feel? No so good, does it. Where the hell was this when the media was only being unfair to Paul? Oh… I guess it was OK when it was being done to someone else and not you. Typical religious fuck. See this is why you can never have a religious person in office, they’re so fucked up in the head. As long your not oppressing them, everything is cool. I would fucking love it if a law was passed where, Baptist, Catholics and Christians couldn’t get married; let them get a taste of how they treat the gay community; preaching assholes.

[Calm down RIP, calm down, save your hatred for organized religion and the church for another post.]

Only good thing is that Mike Huckabee will be out of this thing real soon since he is basically bankrupt. Furthermore the man needs to be in front of the media since he has no real message and without the exposure will drift into the sunset and be forgotten.

Ron Paul will continue to truck along even without the media on his side. Who needs the media when you have truth!

Go Ron Paul!!!


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