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Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on April 11, 2008

This weeks comedic conversations come from a different source then bash. Can’t tell you the name of the site because it’s very racy and isn’t SFW. However if you’ve been around the net, you probably know the site. Just to let you know, I didn’t participate in any of these conversations. It’s just fun to see these people at work.

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

First thing is you have to read the story to get the full effect: Mr. T brought boy out of coma

Demonic_Chronic: On a side note this is only the second best thing Mr. T has done. The first? While being interviewed on the street by a Canadian comedy show, he was being annoyed by a bee. As the interview continued he bit the fucking bee out of the air, chomped a few times and spat it to the ground yelling “T one, Bee zero!!”

Madprofessor13: No fucking way… I want to see that.

Why Baseball IS Fun to Watch

me: AH! This happened to me when I was 11! Except in this video the ball didn’t get to accelerate to its top speed… in my case, I was waiting at 2nd base and the ball hit my young beautiful face (that day, it was parents vs kids… one of the fat parents pretty much owned that ball) no stitches, but do have a smaller nostril. Wish parents would’ve filmed it for me to win money at America’s Funniest Home Videos… or win bride on Blogwars…

ScreamAtAMonkey: the ball stops accelerating when it leaves the bat

cybernigel: 🙂


getdafuckout: it actually keeps accelerating vertically down 😉

me: Ummm… I would understand that the ball would decelerate if it hit the bat itself, or the wall… but since the batter is giving extra energy, wouldn’t the ball accelerate until it reaches terminal speed, and then decelerate? How can tennis players play if the ball keeps on decelerating?

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