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Ron Paul takes 16% in PA primary

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on April 24, 2008

Media is reporting how Ron Paul took a staggering 16% of the votes in the PA primary on Tuesday. I say staggering because Ron Paul doesn’t get any media coverage what so ever and supposedly McSane is the repulican nominee so it should have been a slam dunk. Even Huckabee took around 11% of the vote and he conceded!

I’m looking at this outcome as a smack in the face to McCain. This should tell the republican party once and for all that they need to rethink the man they want to represent us. I wouldn’t be saying that if Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were actively participating in debates and receiving the amount of media coverage as McCain, but just the plain fact that he should have this thing in the bag and receiving numbers like this tells us something.

What’s going to happen come November? Are the people who are voting for Paul and Huck willing to support McCain or will they switch sides and vote for the Democratic party?

As for blogger, I can tell you that I will write in Ron Paul as my first choice and if I can’t so that then I’m voting Democratic. I refuse to support McCain or my registered party. If me man Paul is the nominee then I’m not going to roll over like I did in 2004 and give my vote to candidate that I only half supported. I’m sure there are millions out there that are thinking about doing the same thing.

Just be prepared come November when the Democrats take over the whitehouse because the Republicans felt they owed something to McCain. We’re going to be in for a rough and long 4 years.


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  1. Jonathan Grinsted said, on April 24, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter who is in the WH to the elite, as long as it isn’t Ron Paul. All the other candidates are establishment tools.

    Enough said.

    Start pulling on those waders, it’s only going to get deeper and deeper…

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