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Windows update error: 0x80072ee2

Posted in TechSupport by rip747 on July 29, 2008

Ran into this little gem today and figured out the solution:

1) open up services.

start -> control panel -> administrtive tools -> services

2) stop the automatic updates and background intelligent transfer service.

3) remove the c:\windows\softwaredistribution folder

4) restart the automatic updates and background intelligent transfer service.

5) rerun windows update.

Open source comedy

Posted in Jokes, Opensource by rip747 on July 18, 2008

said at dinner one night:

innocent victim – “My God, our new kitten has such a ravenous appetite”.

me – “Ravenous?!? That’s some word there, i’m quite impressed. You got a fucking thesaurus under your place mat or something?”

Chaining a bind and trigger with jQuery to elminiate functions

Posted in Jquery by rip747 on July 17, 2008

yesterday david shuck posted some jquery code he was using to toggle the display of some form information. one of the things i noticed about his code was that he was using jquery to bind to the change event of a radio button, but the code to acutally toggle the display was contained in a separate function.

i commented him back about how he could combine these two functions into one jquery chain thus making the code a little more readable. today i want to share this with you, let’s take a look at the two functions:


function toggleCreditCardCompanyPanel()	{
    if ($("#RequireCCInfo").attr("checked") == true)
    else $("#CreditCardCompanyPanel").hide();


basically the first function bind to the change event of a checkbox with an id of RequireCCInfo and then calls the toggleCreditCardCompanyPanel to toggle the display of the panel.

so how could chaining in jquery help us clean this up a little? remember that with jquery you can bind a function to an event and also trigger event. with this knowledge you can do things like:

$(“#RequireCCInfo”).bind(“change”, function(){
// your code

as you can see from the code above, we’re binding some code to the change event and then immediately after triggering it, this is the same thing a creating a separate function and then calling it. armed with this knowledge we can now perform the clean up:

$(“#RequireCCInfo”).bind(“change”, function(){
$(“#RequireCCInfo:checked”) ? $(“#CreditCardCompanyPanel”).show() : (“#CreditCardCompanyPanel”).hide();

My many hats

Posted in ColdFusion, Jokes, SQL, TechSupport by rip747 on July 10, 2008

I wear a lot of hats where I work. People often ask me what hats I wear when I perform the many tasks at hand. Here is the list:

Network administration: a Sherlock Holmes hat

Database administration: wizard hat (and robe)

Website Administration: Baseball cap

Technical Support: Yamika

ColdFusion Programming: Sombrero

.Net Programming: a jimmy hat 😛

I can’t get this song out of my head

Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on July 8, 2008