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Congressman Ron Paul Schools Bernanke on the Bailout Plan

Posted in Ron Paul by rip747 on September 25, 2008

Go Ron Paul!!! We’re so fucked come November. We this man running this country. Instead we’re going to get either a senile old war monger or charismatic jerkoff.


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  1. Sumit said, on September 26, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    God will he shut up! I can’t stand politicians who actually make sense..and who don’t lie… It hurts my’s doing that thing again where it bleeds.

    Seriously though, I have so much respect for Ron Paul and Mike Gavel; even people like Kucinich and Wexler who really do mean well but they’re trying to keep playing the game and stay with their parties.

    The American people want so much to keep believing in the lies and failures of the system that has been in places for both them and two generations before them. The people who tell us those system don’t work; people like Pual…well…we kill those people. There is too much money invested in playing this sad game. 😦

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