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CF8.XML now on github

Posted in CFEclipse, ColdFusion, Git, Opensource by rip747 on January 30, 2009

So in my attempt to learn git better and get more people contributing and wanting to contribute to my projects, I’ve started moving everything over to github. My first move is of course the CF8 syntax library for CFEclipse. Because of this, I’m going to remove it from the widget and place it in a new github section of the links to the right.

CSRSS.exe going ape

Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on January 20, 2009

This was something that was really weird. Seemed that our intranet server was going crazy! When we remoted into it the screen kept flicking and looking at task manager, the csrss.exe process was doing some tremendous reads from the disk.

Turned out that someone left the keyboard plugged into the server and jammed it back into the rack. As a result one of the keys got stuck. The constant pressing of the key is what was causing the problem.

Another day in tech support