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Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on April 27, 2009

May you leap from the blade of grass and settle on the stem of the dandelion.

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CFWheels Geek Week scheduled

Posted in CFWheels, ColdFusion by rip747 on April 27, 2009

I finally got the dates to take off and GEEK OUT ON WHEELS (I like the way that sounds)! I’ll be officially off from May 9th – May 17th.

Again, if you want to help in anyway, either use google code or github to check out the code.

CFWheels: 0.9.1 now available

Posted in CFWheels, ColdFusion by rip747 on April 27, 2009

Quick annoucement that we have just released version 0.9.1 of CFWheels!

Git: push rejected non-fast forward

Posted in Git, TechSupport by rip747 on April 20, 2009

When trying to do a push to a repo, you might encounter the following error:

$ git push github master
To git@gitproxy:rip747/cfwheels.git
! [rejected]        master -> master (non-fast forward)
error: failed to push some refs to ‘git@gitproxy:rip747/cfwheels.git’

Don’t panic, this is extremely easy to fix. All you have to do is issue a pull and your branch will be fast-forward:

$ git pull github master
From git@gitproxy:rip747/cfwheels
* branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
Already uptodate!
Merge made by recursive.

Then retry your push and everything should be fine:

$ git push github master
Counting objects: 44, done.
Compressing objects: 100% (32/32), done.
Writing objects: 100% (32/32), 6.30 KiB, done.
Total 32 (delta 23), reused 0 (delta 0)
To git@gitproxy:rip747/cfwheels.git
1717535..1406e8c  master -> master

UPDATE: I ran into another instance of this that the solution above didn’t solve and have provided a solution below.

Another situation where you might run into this, is if you’re tracking a branch that is not the same name as the remote. For instance, say you have a remote branch called otherrepo/master and you already have a local master branch, so you checkout the otherrepo/master branch as othermaster locally. Now even though you do a pull, when you go to push, you will get the rejected error.

To get around this, you will have to specify the local branch in the push command using a colon (:) like so:

git push otherrepo othermaster:master

My own CFWheels Geek Week is coming…

Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on April 11, 2009

I’m not one for going away for vacation, it’s just not me, and with the wife starting up her own business it just seems that we won’t be going away any time soon. However I have to burn some of my vacation time at work or I’ll lost it when the year is over. With that I actually managed to convince the wife and my boss to let me take a week off from work, once my current project is done with, and just geek out for the 9 days on some open source. No distractions or nothing, just coding until I collapse with exhaustion over the keyboard. Hence the inception of my own CFWheels Geek Week. Hopefully I’ll be able to take this week sometime this month or the beginning of May.

What will I be working on over the week you nerds ask?

  • Get the testing framework finally merged into the core (got to wait until 1.0 hits first)
  • write a slew of tests against the existing core and for some of the features that keep causing bugs
  • See what outstanding bugs and feature requests are in the issue list and what I can help to squash. Adding views and stored procedure support doesn’t seem all that complex and I have some ideas of what to do to implement it.
  • Look at the routing engine that is currently implemented and see how it could be sped up and maybe implement namespaces and regular expression support.
  • I want to look at a way to implement something similar to Engines that Rails has.

Those are my goals and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through them all in the 9 days that I have. My top priority is the testing framework and the tests.

If you want to help out in any way it would be most welcomed. Even if it’s just an email with an idea of how to implement something, hell man, send it along. If you want help with some coding you can checkout the project using either svn or fork via github.