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Geek Week: Day 5

Posted in CFWheels, ColdFusion by rip747 on May 13, 2009

Well Day3 and 4 ended up with me having to do client work and some work for my day job. Those two days were a bust and I should of ended the days with doing some more coding, but afterwards my mind just wasn’t into it. I’m learning that this wasn’t the smartest idea. I now see why it takes a long time to get things done.

On top of all that, while I was just sitting down to type this out, I saw that the two commits to trunk that I made today weren’t the smartest changes either and I was asked to revert them, which I did.

I think I’m going to take a break tomorrow from testing and trying to find bugs since I basically creating my own đŸ˜¦

Wheels was donated some migration code quite a while ago from Ryan. One of my goals this weeks was to try to get migrations working. I figured tomorrow I fork the my local repo and see what I can do to get this in.


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