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When in doubt, update your bios

Posted in TechSupport by rip747 on May 26, 2009

What a strange problem. For the last 3 hours I’ve been trying to get my Linksys WRT54GL router to work. Seems that when I came home today something must of happened because my internet connection was totally screwed. I have Comcast as my ISP and I thought that there might be an outage in the area. After giving them a call, they determined the cable modem was OK and that my signal strength was perfect. Despite them being helpful on the phone, I would have to wait until Thrusday for a tech to come out and see what was the problem and I don’t have the luxary of being disconnected from the internet for 3 days.

Long story short, after hours of testing and trying things out, I determined that for some reason the DCHP client on my Linksys router died. I should mentioned that I was running Tomato 1.23 on the router. Don’t know what could of caused this, but with that I downloaded Tomato 1.25 and flashed the bios. Now everything is working again.

Whatever happened to the router today must of corrupted something in the bios and flashing it to a new version seems to have fixed the problem.


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