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Go get it…. CFWheels hits 1.0!!!!

Posted in CFWheels, Uncategorized by rip747 on November 24, 2009

After many long months and some great dedication from all those involved, today CFWheels hit the 1.0 milestone.


Discovery Channel has got class

Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on November 21, 2009

2009 version

2008 version

Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da

Garmin nuvi 780 help!

Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on November 14, 2009

I own a garmin nuvi 780 which i use for geocachng mostly. one of the things that bothers me about it though is that you can’t add notes or comments to favorites. it would make geocaching a lot better since you could add hints as to where to find the cache. is there anyone out there that know how to add a comment or a description to a favorite on the garmin nuvi 780?

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CFWheels and Git: Ignoring unpacked plugin directories

Posted in CFWheels, Git by rip747 on November 2, 2009

Just a quick little git and Wheels tip. Most of the time, you might only want to track your plugins .zip file in your repo and ignore the plugin’s unpacked directory since it’s pretty much redundant to track both. In order to do this, create a .gitignore file where your .git directory lives. In it add the following:


What that does is essentially tells git to ignore any subdirectories off the main plugin directory.