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Posted in Android by rip747 on July 19, 2011

I’ve seen this all over the web and I’m a victim of it as well. What happened was I rooted my new LG Optimus S that I got when I switched over to MetroPCS. While uninstalling some of the bloatware that came with it, I removed the MetroWeb browser. I figured that since I installed Opera Mobile I didn’t need it. BIG mistake! Apparently the MetroWeb browser is so tied to the system that I couldn’t get the Android Market to install anything. Any attempt at downloading and installing an app would cause the dreaded error.

Anyway, this is how I finally got around it. NOTE: this fix requires that you have root explorer 2.16 installed on your phone. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it from here.

First thing to do is you need a copy of the Browser.apk and Browser.odex from a working phone or download them from my widget on this blog.

Next, hook up your android to your computer via a USB cable so you can access your sdcard and copy the two files to your sdcard.

Next, open root explorer and copy the Browser.apk and Browser.odex files from your sdcard to your /system/app directory on your phone. (be sure to toggle the Mount R/W button so your can copy the files).

NOW THE IMPORTANT PART! What you will need to do is to change the permissions and the owner for these two files.

Long hold on the Browser.apk file and select Permissions. Give Read, Write and Execute permissions to Owner, Group and Others. Basically you’re checking all 9 boxes. You don’t need to check any of the Special Permissions. Click “OK” when done.

Long hold again on the Browser.apk file and select “Change Owner”. Change the owner to “0 – root” for both Owner and Group. Click “OK” when done.

Toggle the “Mount R/O” button.

Power down your phone and then power it back up. If all goes well, you should see the MetroWeb app in your app listing.


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