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Railo on IIS6 installation and configuration errors

Posted in CFWheels, ColdFusion, Railo by rip747 on October 17, 2011

railo is a great alternative to adobe’s cfml server, but there lets face it… it’s a pain in the ass to get configured on iis6! rather then have you fight through all these errors, i’ve documented the errors that not only i encountered during the setup, but also was able to create. hopefully this will save you from getting frustrated.

the following errors may happen when installing railo on IIS6 and visiting the site. (note: all paths assume that you installed railo to the c:\railo directory)

Error: Invalid function

Cause: This happens when you haven’t chosen to install the iis connector or something screwed up in the installation of the iis connector. you can see this if you go into the C:\railo\connector\ and you see @@install_dir@@ in the file. those markers were suppose to be replaced with the directory you installed railo.

Fix: don’t just try to change these markers to the installation directory as they aren’t just in this file. the best bet is to run the installation again and make sure you check to install the iis connector.

Error: The system cannot find the path specified.

Cause: you forgot to configure the jakarta virtual directory for the site in iis.

Fix: go into iis and add a virtual directory called “jakarta” to the site experiencing the error. make sure to point it to the c:\railo\connector directory. Make sure to give the virtual directory “scripts and executables” permissions.

Error: You get prompted to download the cfm file

Cause: you forgot to give the jakarta virtual directory “scripts and executables” permissions.

Fix: give the jakarta virtual directory “scripts and executables” permissions.

Error: you get a 404, page not found error (from IIS)

Cause: you have not allowed unknown cgi and isapi extensions in IIS

Fix: click on the web server extenstions folder in iis admin. allow both unknown cgi extensions and unknown isapi extensions.

Cause: this could also be because the application extension aren’t configured for *.cfm extensions.

Fix: the railo installation instructions forgets to mention that you need to configure the site with application extensions for *.cfm extensions. go into the properties for the site and click the “home directory” tab. next click the “configuration” button next to where the execute permissions drop down is. on the next page, click the “add” button under the application extensions section. for the executable, browse to the  isapi_redirect dll located in the c:\railo\connector directory. for extension, enter in *.cfm. uncheck the “verify that file exists” checkbox. repeat this process for *.cfc if you site uses components.

PROTIP!!!!: if you want you can configure all the sites and future sites with these application extension by right clicking on the “web sites” folder and following the instructions above.

Error: you get a railo missinginclude error

Cause: you have configured the host section of server.xml wrong

Fix: most likely the cause is when you have misspelled an alias. make sure that all the aliases are spelled correctly and that the host section is configured properly.

Error: Unspecified error

Cause: you don’t have the isapi filter configured for your website.

Fix: the installation instructions for railo forget to mention that you need to configure an isapi filter for the website in order for railo to work. go into the properties of the site and click on the ispai filter tab. add a filter called “railo” and for the executable, point it to the isapi_redirect-X.dll located in the connector directory. so for 3.3.1 the path would be c:\railo\connector\isapi_redirect-1.2.31.dll.