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ColdFusion 9 64-bit / IIS7.5 / Windows 7 / 500 error

Posted in Uncategorized by rip747 on December 23, 2012

Quick note about setting up ACF9 on Windows 7 and IIS 7.5. In order to get everything working, you need to install the following:

In other words, you need to install the base install, the CF 9.0.1 update and the CF 9.0.1 Hot Fix 2. The Hot Fix is probably the most important as if you only install the base and then the update, you will receive a 500 error when trying to access any site running CF especially the CF Administrator.


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  1. charlie arehart said, on December 30, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    Hey Tony, do you mean to be suggesting here how to setup “ACF9 on Windows 7 and IIS 7.5” so that it “still includes Verity”?

    Otherwise, I would wonder why not just suggest one use the single 9.0.2 installer? That would fold in 9.0, 9.0.1, and the latest hotfixes, cumulative hotifxes, and security hotfixes (that existed for 9.0.1 when 9.0.2 was built in May of this year), but all in one installer. That would be a lot easier, right? 🙂

    (For those not familiar, 9.0.2 was built by Adobe to remove Verity from CF9. So again, it’s what I say above, minus Verity.)

    Also, I’m really surprised to hear the assertion that CF 9.0.1 would not work at all prior to installing that CHF2. Considering that 9.0.1 came out in July 2010, and CHF2 came out in Sep 2011, the implication would be that somehow it was somehow “busted” for over a year, and I can promise it wasn’t. In fact, I work with companies all the time who are running CF without any hotfixes or cumulative hotfixes.

    I’ve read the entry a couple of times to see if I was missing something to explain the seeming disconnect. Not meaning any offense in asking/bringing this up, Tony. As always, just trying to help (you and readers).

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