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Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on October 20, 2008

That’s right baby. Rather throw away my vote then my soul.

Look. Let’s face the facts; we’re screwed regardless of whether Obama or McCain get into office. With that said, let’s show Ron Paul that we still support him and his Campaign for Liberty. If you voted for him in the primary, then I ask you now to do the same in the general election. Sure people will tell you that you’re throwing away your vote, BUT IT’S BETTER THEN THROWING AWAY YOUR SOUL AND EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IN.



Ron Paul: Today’s announcement failed.

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on September 10, 2008

Today Ron Paul basically gave the middle finger to both McCain and Obama and told the country to embrace third party candidates. After digesting the conference and kicking the thoughts around in my head, I’ve come to conclusion that the whole thing was a big waste of time and a huge disappointment.

Now this is coming from a loyal Paulster (hell I even still have the campaign bumper stickers on my car), so this is not some Ron Paul basher just ranting.

Why is it that I feel this way about the whole announcement? Well the plain fact is that there are four third parties that Paul was presenting to the American people when it should have only have been one. I don’t see the logic in telling the American people to support third party candidates and then splitting that support amongst four parties.

If we truly want a three party system, then the third party campaigns need to come together and join forces. Let’s face facts: in this election they’re not going to be getting a slew of votes since most of the parties aren’t on every state’s ballot. However by join forces, they will have enough signatures to get on all the states. Coupled with the fact that an announcement where the third parties are joining forces and getting behind a single campaign would give them the media coverage they deserve to draw interest in their views.

Was today a good start? Not really. First impressions are lasting ones. By not really thinking everything through I firmly believe that once again something that could have been great, failed miserably.

I would have loved for today’s announcement to be that Ron Paul was running as a third party candidate with Baldwin as the VP. Hearing some of Baldwin’s talks I feel that this man knows what he’s doing and has a great plan to put this country back on track. Sure there would be the period of hurt, but who said that “change” doesn’t hurt?

Again, the third party candidates need to come together if they’re even going to stand a chance or be taken seriously come November.

Ron Paul takes 16% in PA primary

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on April 24, 2008

Media is reporting how Ron Paul took a staggering 16% of the votes in the PA primary on Tuesday. I say staggering because Ron Paul doesn’t get any media coverage what so ever and supposedly McSane is the repulican nominee so it should have been a slam dunk. Even Huckabee took around 11% of the vote and he conceded!

I’m looking at this outcome as a smack in the face to McCain. This should tell the republican party once and for all that they need to rethink the man they want to represent us. I wouldn’t be saying that if Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee were actively participating in debates and receiving the amount of media coverage as McCain, but just the plain fact that he should have this thing in the bag and receiving numbers like this tells us something.

What’s going to happen come November? Are the people who are voting for Paul and Huck willing to support McCain or will they switch sides and vote for the Democratic party?

As for blogger, I can tell you that I will write in Ron Paul as my first choice and if I can’t so that then I’m voting Democratic. I refuse to support McCain or my registered party. If me man Paul is the nominee then I’m not going to roll over like I did in 2004 and give my vote to candidate that I only half supported. I’m sure there are millions out there that are thinking about doing the same thing.

Just be prepared come November when the Democrats take over the whitehouse because the Republicans felt they owed something to McCain. We’re going to be in for a rough and long 4 years.

Ron Paul steals 107 delegates from McCain

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on April 22, 2008

Despite the siren call of the warm spring weather last Saturday, a record number of hopeful Republicans turned out for the 4/12/08 Spokane County Republican Convention held at Lewis & Clark High School. Though disappointed that I was unable to participate as a delegate due to a prolonged, out-of-state work commitment during our February Caucus, I knew it would be instructive to see first-hand how the process worked and so I volunteered at the Ron Paul information booth. I figured that even if I couldn’t sling a ballot, at least I could show up to discuss the issues with the curious and uninformed – and maybe even help sway a vote or two.

With people arriving at 7:30am and some staying past 9pm to finish counting the ballots and conclude the work, few could have predicted that this event would turn into the marathon that it did. Approximately 540 delegates showed up to vote for 111 delegates and a platform to take to the upcoming WA State convention. There were many young people in attendance and amazingly, over half of the delegates were first time participants which is a promising sign of renewed participation in our political process. It is a common story that many new people decided to get involved after years of apathetic inaction. They cite an escalating sense of alarm and frustration over the Iraqi War debacle, unprecedented deficit spending, porous borders and a general sense that we have lost control over our party and our country.

Listening to the morning speeches from WA State gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi and others was both informative and reassuring that we’ve got some talented people running for various offices. One of the highlights of the morning was a rousing speech by Rob Chase that echoed the themes of Ron Paul’s candidacy. Yet as the day wore on and the platform was debated and voting ensued, it became increasingly apparent that what I was witnessing was something far more significant than what I expected. This was no ordinary, pre-ordained, rubber-stamp-the-party-line-and-get-out-before-lunch kind of an affair. What was unfolding through the arduous and combative convention process was nothing less than a stunning GRASSROOTS REVOLT!

It was obvious from the beginning that the McCain campaign came prepared to win by trying to dominate the event. In the basketball stadium where we met, one certainly couldn’t miss their HUGE 40’x10′ McCain For President sign that took up half of a wall and dwarfed all other signage from other campaigns (I wonder how much that must have cost?). Even though they brought in professional hired guns in the form of well-paid staff (that nobody seemed to recognize as being from our community), the day was carried by the passionate, well-organized and extremely dedicated Ron Paul campaign.

In the 6th District meeting that represented the largest delegate total, it was decided that each delegate publicly declare their preference for a Presidential candidate before the voting could actually began (not sure which camp asked for that). Throughout the day we witnessed the McCain team doing everything within their power to try to dominate the agenda and sway the voting (as expected). Their tactics were both subtle and overt as they tried to confuse the newbie Ron Paul conventioneers by quoting obscure rules and procedures. At other times, they used heavy-handed, authoritative sounding directives and gamesmanship in attempts to promote their chosen delegates and derail the Ron Paul delegates and positions. At one point, Yoko managed to prevent one of them from trying to steal an unattended Ron Paul delegate list.

Also notable in the 6th District meeting, the McCain people employed a multi-media projector that prominently displayed on the front wall exactly which (McCain) delegates they expected everyone to vote for. After another round of protests and debate, their projector was eventually turned off (almost by force) and their subsequent attempts to dominate the process were systematically beaten back as we fought steadily throughout a very long and exhausting day of arguing, motioning and voting. This meeting eventually concluded well into the evening after three time consuming rounds of voting and hand counting.

In the 3rd District meeting, a female delegate became disruptive which temporarily brought activities to a halt while a search ensued for the Sergeant-at-Arms to bring the meeting back to order.

In several of the instances mentioned above, the only thing that saved the day were some alert Ron Paul people who were willing to display some intestinal fortitude by literally standing up and questioning authority and/or challenging the status quo. Courage is what it takes to be successful in a political process where the war of ideas can inflame emotions and sometimes manifests as a verbal boxing match. Convention politics is a forum where big egos try to dominate the discussion and silence dissent. Small, organized groups promote their agendas and sway the votes through a Byzantine set of rules that few people know and understand. Those in powerful positions don’t hesitate to use those rules to their advantage, even squelching debate at times.

So the fact that the upstart Ron Paul camp was able to pull it all together in a relatively short period of time to upset the status quo and soundly defeat the McCain contingent was an astonishing achievement. We should all be extremely proud of this recent success, as it is the latest and most tangible example to date of how far we have come in taking back our party.

Still, we would do well to remember that much of the drama was primarily an expression of multiple passionate viewpoints. This cathartic process strengthens our local Republican Party and proves to the skeptics that we have a vibrant and evolving, non-monolithic group of thoughtful people that is capable of self-reflection and change.

Here are some of the most important accomplishments that came out of this Convention:

1) 107 out of 111 delegates were elected who favor Ron Paul and his positions. Only 4 delegates were elected who favor McCain. This was a HUGE and unexpected upset that surpassed the wildest expectations of everyone in our group.

2) Perhaps the most far-reaching and controversial platform position originated from the grass roots organization. It was a statement under the National Sovereignty And Defense heading, “Limiting the executive privilege of committing troops to police actions to a duration of 180 days, without a Congressional Declaration of War” (as the Constitution mandates). The McCain people fought this plank VERY hard and tried to add an amendment gutting the intent of this position by changing the language to a simple statement to “support our troops”. After approx. 30 minutes of back and forth arguments, motions and multiple votes, the McCain amendment was soundly defeated 280 to 170. As stated in the Spokane Spokesman Review, “The platform statement on the use of troops didn’t specifically name Iraq, but County Chairman Curt Fackler and representatives of the McCain campaign agreed it was essentially a repudiation of the current war policy and the course that McCain has said he would take if elected”.

3) The overwhelming nature of our victory suggests the strong possibility for future changes in our local area. Indeed the groundwork has been laid to influence future leadership and platform direction as we have successfully outmaneuvered and overturned the status quo in our County and helped shape the debate moving forward.

We have proven once again that a small group of dedicated, organized and tenacious people can make a huge difference, the end result of which was a dramatic tipping point that happened right here in our own backyard. If similar stories can successfully play out in other parts of America, it would mark the beginning of the end of the Neo-Con grip on the Republican Party and a chance to return to the traditional core values and principles that made our country great.

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Ron Paul Coast to Coast interview

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on March 25, 2008

Below is a link to the interview that George Noory gave with Ron Paul last night on Coast to Coast. Give a listen:

A Short Course On Brain Surgery

Posted in 2008 Elections, Americans are sheep, Ron Paul by rip747 on February 8, 2008

This is for all you morons that keep bitching and moaning that the US needs universal health care and also for anyone stupid (Democrats) enough to vote for Hilary.

Stuart Browning highlights the plight of an Ontario man with a cancerous brain tumor who crossed the border to the U.S. to get the medical care that is rationed in his home country (Canada).

How does universal health care look now? Anyone who thinks that this doesn’t happen everyday is an idiot. Universal health care is great is you have a cut or broken bone; things that aren’t considered “major medical”. But as you see here, and also anyone in Canada will tell you, that if you have a major medical condition you pretty much screwed. What… think this is all bullshit? Why don’t you do some research and call a bunch of Canadians that actually here life threatening conditions and see how they’re being treated.

Let this burn into your brain as you go vote in the polls. Wake the fuck up America!

Ron Paul at CPAC 02/07/2008

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How the hell can you not love this man.

Go Ron Paul!!!!

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Super Tuesday: Don’t get brainwashed by the media… it isn’t over by a long shot. The Revolution continues!!!

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul, Super Tuesday by rip747 on February 6, 2008

In response to my last post in the Ron Paul forums, a poster by the name of roxic27 explains why Super Tuesday really means dick.

The results coming in, at first glance, seems discouraging. I’m sure all over the world Ron Paul’s supporters, their friends and families are saying one of two things: “what the hell happened” and “I told you so” What everyone needs to do is take a deep breath and remember a few things. First off these results are good. Even though it seems as though Ron Paul is coming in last, the popular votes mean NOTHING. Most of these Super Tuesday states are winner take all. What that means is if ONE candidate wins with 51% of the votes then the delegates are legally bound to vote for that winner. If no one candidate takes 51% then it becomes a brokered convention. With there being three virtual “front runners” there is no chance of any of the candidates taking that required 51%. Let me repeat THERE IS NO CHANCE OF ANY ONE CANDIDATE TAKING 51%. What does that mean you say? Let me break it down as simply as possible. Take Missouri for example. The Missouri caucuses are March 15th. Over a month away. On March 15th registered voters can show up at their county caucus locations to show their support for their candidate. Because there was no 51% winner then those voters are able to vote for any candidate they want. There is not much of a turnout at these caucuses. Only hard core GOP party members show up for the caucus and those numbers are not high. SO if 100 people show up at my county caucus in Webster county, and 75 of us are Ron Paul supporters then we get ALL 15 OF WEBSTER COUNTIES DELEGATES. Same for each county. we can still win this election. All that needs to be done is for each and every Ron Paul supporter to show up at their county caucus. Thats it. JUST SHOW UP at that point the real election results will be decided. The mainstream media is doing their best at brainwashing Americans into believing that John McCain and Hillary are the nominees after tonight BUT THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

Ron Paul has a lot of money. He also has a lot of support. BUT its going to take more than money and support. GET on the phone. call your friends, ask them to come to the caucus to vote for YOU as delegate. call the voters in your county, find out which ones voted for Ron Paul. if those people will show up at the caucus for you then he will win. Or you can sit back and cry and whine that what you did wasn’t good enough and watch our country be ruled by neo-cons for at least 4 more years.

The Revolution Continues!!!

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My message to those that what to give up

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on February 6, 2008

Post to RonPaulForums

screw guidelines…

I can’t believe what I’m reading…. you want to give up? The fuck is the matter with you people? We came this far and all you guys can do is cry like a bunch of bitches when the chips down. I thought we were a revolution? You fucks are making us look like a bridge club.

I give a shit what the results are tonight. Personally I could care less if we win the nomination or not. We’ve been awaken!!!! That’s what the revolution’s job was.

How many of you finally got off your ass and did something to support this campaign? How many of you finally took part in a campaign for a candidate that you actually respected? I know I have. I’ve blogged about Ron Paul and his message, talked to people about him, donated when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together and had to put the donation on a credit card. I’ve never done any of that before I heard Ron Paul.

See what this man has done?

So what… we don’t win…. big FUCKING DEAL! We keep spreading the message, keep the dream alive, gain supporters in the shadows. In 4 years we try again and we keep trying until this country wakes the fuck up and the revolution comes to power!

Now hike up your skirts, grab your balls and pull them down… we got work to do.

Ron Paul on MTV / MySpace Forum

Posted in 2008 Elections, Ron Paul by rip747 on February 3, 2008

Do yourself the favor and listen to the man. If you don’t like what he saids after you’ve listen to all 3 parts, don’t vote for him.

I guarantee though that after listening to the forum, he’ll get you thinking. Just remember what this man has said come Super Tuesday.

Don’t just vote for someone because the media tells you to and remember that voting for someone else besides the “front runners” isn’t “throwing away” your vote. Remember when Giuliani was the sure fire candidate? How quickly that fire was put out. Remember when McCain was the total underdog? Anything can happen when you vote.

So vote for who you want, not who someone else wants you to.