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BASH Friday!

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It’s been a while since everyone of the new BASHes have been funny as hell. I guess the maturity level of IRC is going down the toilet again… thank GOD!!!

This week’s winner:

For those of you that got RickRoll’d last week: Yes, I am an asshole… sue me 🙂

For more sick twisted fun on this Friday, visit my brother’s blog!


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BASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

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BASH Friday!!!!!!

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Sucks man…. BASH for some reason is just so slow lately. Well anywho, guess that means I have to reach in to the archives once again…. but who gives a fuck, it’s BASH!

Runners up: These made me crack up!

Winner this week: This one had me crying for 5 minutes.

Want more?
Visit my brother’s blog right now!

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BASH was really slow there for awhile so I had to let it catch up. Stupid me, it kinda overlapped me so this week is a HUGE BASH posting. Also There is a little something at the end of the list (don’t peek).

Generous Plug: My brother started a blog called My Junk Mail. Basically it’s a collection of all the jokes and funny shit he gets sent to him on a daily basis. Trust me on this, he gets some good stuff. You would never think that people in the mortgage industry on that fucked up…. and to think these pricks are the ones that get us money O_o

(your peeking… aren’t you, you fuck!)

I’m starting something new. Every week (hopefully) I’ll be picking out the top two bashes for the week and posting them at the end of the list. These are the ones I think are the best, and on that note, I want people to start leaving comments telling me what their favorite for the week is. During the slow times on, I can look back and pick out some good ones for my Classic BASH posts.

Don’t let another Friday go by without BASH!!!!!

And now for something new:

BASH Friday!!!!

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I’m upset since there are no new BASHES in the queue this week 😦

To compensate, I’m going to dig into the archives.

Before BASH gets started, I just wanted to say:

Charles…. I finally found a GH3 Through The Fires and the Flames video that shows the person playing and not just the screen!

This fucker is good!

Seems everyone has Ron Paul on their mind: Huckabee supports Ron Paul! (by accident)

Only in America. I’m casting my vote for this guy to be the next president.

BASH baby!

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Tony’s gone…Charles takes over for Bash Friday!!!

Posted in BASH! by rip747 on December 21, 2007

Hello to everyone who reads my brothers blog! Tony took a trip to New York/New Jersey for the holiday and will be returning on Jan. 2. In the meantime, I hacked, um…I mean, he gave me access to his WordPress account. So I, his faithful brother Charles, will be taking over for a while. Hopefully Tony won’t be too pissed 😉

No, I’m not the computer nerd my brother is but yes I can sound techie at times, but please don’t ask for advice while Tony is gone, as I am not responsible for any harm which my come from it. In case you all didn’t know, I work in the mortgage industry (yeah, stop laughing). So, if anyone needs mortgage advice, I can help you with that. But, I’m really just here to tick my older brother (by ten damn minutes! Oh, did he ever tell you we were twins?) off by posting on his blog without his permission. Yup, what are brothers for.

Anyway, Tony didn’t posted Bash Friday last week, so I thought to add some myself.  Bash Friday is the one day of the week I enjoy most. So here we go!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Oldies but goodies…

BASH Friday!!!!

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