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CF8.XML now on github

Posted in CFEclipse, ColdFusion, Git, Opensource by rip747 on January 30, 2009

So in my attempt to learn git better and get more people contributing and wanting to contribute to my projects, I’ve started moving everything over to github. My first move is of course the CF8 syntax library for CFEclipse. Because of this, I’m going to remove it from the widget and place it in a new github section of the links to the right.


CF8 Syntax Dictionary for CFEclipse

Posted in CFEclipse, ColdFusion by rip747 on February 16, 2008

I’ve been wanting to install this for awhile since I’m doing all my development now in CF8 and want to take advantage of the new syntax.

There are two versions I found on the net: one from Mark Drew and one from Adobe. Neither of them had the cfloop array parameter. Someone was kind enough to post how to add it to the dictionary and I did just that. Since it looks like no one wants to update it, I’m volunteering.

You can download the dictionary file by clicking here or from the widget.

To install, simple copy the file to the following directory and restart eclipse with the -clean option:

<eclipse install folder>plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml_<version number>\dictionary

Any additions and / or corrections are welcomed. Just leave them in the comments below and I will add them with 48 hours.


02/16/2008 : added cfdbinfo tag

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Damn you ColdFusing!!!

Posted in CFEclipse by rip747 on January 24, 2007

This is killing me…. literally. ColdFusing is now at 2. What does this mean? When will the counter run out? What will happen then? I though I had it all figured out then the comments left on my last post got me thinking I was wrong.

Mark’s not helping my anxiety any and I’m running out of meds.

Damn you ColdFusing!!!!!!!


The secret uncracked?

Posted in CFEclipse by rip747 on January 23, 2007

So many blog posts have been about the secret and buzz in the community lately, namely these images coming from Everyone has been guessing, but I think I know what it is leading up to: The next release of CFEclipse from Mark Drew.

Evidence you ask.

  1. is registered to Mark Drew (proof)
  2. There are 2 more images (1) (2) from the web site.
  3. CFEclipse is scheduled for a Jan 30th release (proof)
  4. In the last commit there were 7 bug left (proof), when all this started the banners started at 7 (I need the original image link).

So what does this all mean? Well Watson, it means that Mark’s almost done with the bug in the Final! The 3 means that he has 3 more bugs to fix and then we can all get our hands on some CfEclipse goodness!!! I can taste it now: light, fluffy CFEclipse; ……. sorry for drooling.

Come Mark, tell me if I’m right…. the suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFEclipse: Adding an extension

Posted in CFEclipse, ColdFusion by rip747 on January 17, 2007


Mark Drew has enlightened me on the appropiate, SAFE way to do this.

  1. Open Eclipse if not already open
  2. Clicks Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations
  3. Click Add next to the top window and enter the file extension. Remember that you enter it in as *.<whatever>.
  4. Then select the extension you just entered and in the bottom window click the Add button
  5. Choose which editor you want to associate the file extension with, in this case CFEclipse.