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Ron Paul: Federal Reserve for dummies – Youtube and Blog bomb

Posted in 2008 Elections, Rants, Ron Paul by rip747 on January 12, 2008

Money bombs are great guys and I participate in everyone of them (even for the blimp which I didn’t agree with, but some did so I helped out). However, we also need to get the message out more then ever. With that I would like all the Ron Paul supporters that have blogs to start posting his message video from Youtube onto their blogs. If you would like, also take his printed messages and point them on your blogs. Remember that the more blogs that post his message and videos, the more the search engine will rank the keywords hirer

Wouldn’t it be great if your search for “federal reserve” on Google and the first result was this video? It can happen for you participate.


The title saids it all…

Posted in Rants by rip747 on January 7, 2008

Just over at digg and caught this post of a picture of Carmen Electra without all the makeup on. First off it took me a while to really see that it was her and damn is she fine!!! Personally I think she looks 100 fold prettier without the makeup. The comments on digg are right and you ladies should start listening:

Naturally beauty is sexier then the shit you spackle on your face.

I’m back!!!!

Posted in Rants by rip747 on January 1, 2008

Thank fucking God!!!!

I’ve been up in New York for the last two weeks freezing my balls off. It feels so good to be back home in Florida!!!!

Sorry that you all had to put up with my brother’s shitty posts (actually he did a good and funny job… thanks Charles). My blog will be back to normal and back on track this Friday for BASH baby!!!

Approaching 100,000 total views

Posted in Personal, Rants by rip747 on December 16, 2007

A small milestone should be crossed within the next 48 hours: this blog will have it’s 100,000 visitor.

It all started with my first technical article.

Go me!

Why does this question still come up: How Many Classes Per Business Object?

Posted in ColdFusion, Rants by rip747 on December 14, 2007

I get nauseous every time I see this question asked. I wholly believe this question exists only to start infighting amongst the development community and attract the numerous comments to the post that is assured. All the while, the poster sits back with lotion and Kelnex and smiles while the chaos unfolds around them.

I come to classify the commentors to these posts into 3 categories:

First and foremost, you have the OO purists. These are the people that use OO to the extreme. DAO, BO, IOC and any other acronym you can throw out there, they’re using it and loving it. The more abstraction and configuration, the better. They will claim that it makes developing applications faster and easy to maintain and cut down anyone that saids otherwise. If they had it there way, they would have 30 different classes per business object each containing one method. Their mortal enemy is anyone still believing and writing procedural programs.

Our next category and mortal enemy of everything OO; is the procedural programmer. They’re the ones still hanging on to the days when cfincludes and custom tags flourished in applications. Who needs CFCs when a group of functions inside a cfinclude will do just fine. Don’t tell them about design patterns or code organization, they know it all too well. If they could, they would go back in time and kill the person that mentioned cfcomponent in that one board meeting. To them OO is evil and so are the people using it.

The final category is the one that I fall into: the who gives a shit and flying fuck category. Program the way you want to program and quit telling us that we’re doing it right or wrong. We don’t want nor care how you program or the philosophy that you follow. To us, both of the other two categories need to just shut the fuck up altogether.

FireFox sucks!!!!

Posted in Rants by rip747 on November 30, 2007

Seriously I just had the damn thing crash on me like 6 times in a row. Seems to always crash on me when I’m going to Digg. I have FireBug install but have it disabled on Digg because I thought that maybe that was what was causing the crashes. No such luck, still happening. If I try opening multiple Digg pages in tabs, it crashes.

I know for a fact that it’s not Digg’s site itself because I can open multiple Digg pages in tabs within IE7 and it doesn’t crash, so the problem is FireFox.

Seems that this is a common problem with FireFox today. It also seems like crashes are becoming more frequent with each release they put out. I guess that browser I once thought was so great is slowly becoming a dud.

Can’t use GMail account as Windows Live ID

Posted in Microsoft, Rants, TechSupport by rip747 on November 28, 2007

This is funny. I just heard about Microsoft’s Skydrive and thought that I would give it a try. Skydrive is similar to which I have an account with. In my opinion if someone is going to give you free online storage and… take it!!! Why use your own bandwidth to share your porn files with your friends and others.

So as I’m signing up, I’m asked to create a Windows Live ID. Now you can create a new idea by opening a HotMail account or use an existing email address. I figured that since I have a GMail account, I would use that.. WRONG!!!! Seems that Microsoft doesn’t like the fact that your using a rival service, so they force to enter an alternative email address since GMail is flagged as a “reserved domain”, which means the domain is banned.

Click here for the proof!!!

I haven’t slept in 5 days

Posted in Personal, Rants by rip747 on November 27, 2007

It’s 5:17 am and I’m still up. I’ve been up since Friday the 23rd. I can’t sleep.

It’s really weird though because it’s not like I’m tired at all either. I’ll go lay down in my bed at say 10:30pm and I’ll just lay there. Even if I close my eyes, I just never really get to sleep. Seems like I go into a twilight where I still know what’s going on but not like a really sleep.

I’m guessing that it must be the Wellbutrin I’m taking at the moment to help me stop smoking. I started to take the recommended dose of 300mg a day on Wednesday the 21st, before that I was taking only 150mg a day. My doctor told me that there was a side effect of insomnia but I didn’t think that it would be this bad.

I’ve always had problems sleeping. Usually about twice a month I’ll say up for 36 hours straight. I use to get really pissed off and upset when that happened, but over the years I’ve just come to accept it. Kewl thing is that it let’s me catch up with some personal projects that I want to code. However normally I’m crashing around the 40th hour and I have a good night’s sleep that night. This is weird though.

I just hope I can get through the work week and things start to get normal soon. Kinda funny though. I’ve always said that if there was a pill I could take that would never let me fall asleep, I’d would be first in line to get it. Now that I’m actually taking a pill and I’m not sleeping, I don’t think I’ll be saying that anymore

Opinion: To Use Or Not To Use Stored Procedures?

Posted in ColdFusion, Rants, SQL by rip747 on November 15, 2007

I was browsing around on Reddit today and came across an article that particular struck my interest: To Use Or Not To Use Stored Procedures?

What intrigued me was that I have been a proponent of stored procedures in the past and now avoid them like the plague. I think the switch came when I started to realize how difficult and time consuming it was to write and maintain a project using stored procedures versus a project that just use parametrized queries. I also remember how difficult it was to write dynamic sql statements within a stored procedure.

I think really the only reason I used them in the past was because CF at the time didn’t support cfqueryparam and it as the only way to protect yourself against SQL injections. Once cfqueryparam came onto the seen, it took awhile for me to adopt it in my code and actually realized the benefits. Now I could write my SQL statements within CF and still have the security of a stored procedure protecting me against SQL injections. It was a blissful time; I could really pound out projects and code and debugging an application became a snap.

There were a few still out there that still voiced the myth that using stored procedures gave you a speed boost over
parameterized queries. Those people were soon put to rest when most RDMS and ODBC drivers made it so that using either way gave you the speed benefits of caching the query plan. Now this point is mute.

Today, I silently laugh at people that still think that using stored procedures in projects as the main way to communicate with their database. By creating views, using cfqueryparam and knowing the proper ways of using the different joins available; I can mimic almost any behavior a stored procedure can do when it comes to pulling data from a database.

To me I see the stored procedure in CF going the way of CFX tags… away.

SQL Server 2005 sucks so far.

Posted in Rants, SQL by rip747 on September 26, 2007

I finally had to take the plunge into SQL Server 2005 since HostMySite only offers 2005 and not 2000 on their VPS plans. Needless to say I’ve heard nothing good about 2005. I’ve talked to countless DBAs telling me that it’s dog slow and EXTREMELY clunky to use. Well I’ve come to the conclusion that they are right.

Mind you I’m just now getting into it, but already I found 2 gotcha.

First off the Script Generator sucks. The interface is so horrible, I feel like I’m programming in Visual Basic with the way you have to choose your options. Not to mention that thing is SLOOOOOOW. It took 3 times as long to generate scripts for my database as Enterprise Manager did. The big kick in the nuts is that it doesn’t write the script correctly! The old 2000 script generator would write the scripts for the tables first and then the scripts for all your views next. Not 2005’s, it intermingled the tables and views scripts so if a view has a table in it that hasn’t been created yet… it FAILS!!! Is that fucking stupid or what!?! The only way around this is to generate and run the scripts for your tables first and then generate and run the scripts for your views. Great, so not only do I have to wait longer, I have to do double the work as well. Thanks Bill!

Second thing I found was another speed issue. I don’t know how many of you have ever used the import / export wizard in Enterprise Manager; I use to use it all the time and it was a life saver. Well needless to say now in 2005 the import / export process takes a loooooooooooooong time…… I’m talking long like the Nile, like line at Domino’s in a fat camp, long like John Holmes! I couldn’t believe something that use to take 30 seconds before took 10 minutes. Thank God I only have to do that once in a while.

My other gripe is the Management Studio in general. Why Microsoft now feels that everything should look like Visual Studio is beyond me. Enterprise Manager (though ugly as hell) was very clean and uncluttered, compare to Management Studio which looks really slick but a total mess when it come to finding things.

I guess I just need sometime to figure everything out. I’m sure I’ll find other quirky things along the way in my journey and if I do I’ll post them.

UPDATE: I was about to rip Angus (see comments below) a new one when it kinda dawned on me that I never checked what service level SQL Server 2005 was on. I guess I just assumed that it would be at the latest level since it’s a VPS and HostMySite applies the upgrades to the VPS. Well let me fall on my sword by saying that I checked late last night and I was wrong. SQL Server was at SP1 not SP2. I tried installing SP2 and it wouldn’t let me, so now I have a ticket opened with HostMySite to see if I can get it updated to SP2. I’ll post something about my new experience with SQL Server 2005 once SP2 is installed.